Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just read the saddest blog in the whole wide world. I'm having a hard time processing it so I just thought I would post here about it.

A mom had a 4 month old baby girl who just turned 4 months on Valentine's Day. Her mom wrote her a letter wishing her a happy 4 month. And the very next post said my baby is an angel. My heart sunk. I read the post and half way through had so many tears I could barely read. Her little one had stopped breathing at day care and paramedics couldn't revive her. The baby's parents got to see her at the hospital for a couple minutes and were told to go home. They went home to walk in and see her toys, her clothes, everything in their home that were signs they had a daughter. Only now their daughter was no longer with them. I'm crying again just writing this. One year ago they found out they were expecting after trying for almost a year. Now just one year later they buried their sweet little angel.

And I don't know why this poor husband and wife have to suffer. I don't know why Heavenly Father has to take babies. I know he has something better in store for them, but it doesn't make it easier. My heart aches for them. I can't imagine losing Anna after getting to know her and loving her even more each day. Anna's smile in the morning and kisses at night brighten my life. Her sweet spirit makes me so happy and I'm grateful I am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. My heart is praying for this poor family in hopes that they will feel Heavenly Father's love and feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost even though they don't know of the gospel. I hope Heavenly Father takes care of them, and helps their hearts heal over time.

You will be remembered baby Maddie. Heavenly Father loves you!

Thanks for letting me write, I really needed to talk about this a little more. Oh and sorry I have been so terrible with this lately, school is taking over my life. I really need to fix my header and theme and post on the weekends. Anyway....this post was a downer but makes me realize how blessed I truly am. Goodnight

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day

As you all know, I adore Valentine's Day. It is possibly my favorite day of the year. Our cards are done and ready to go out in the mail, and if you don't receive one don't worry! I'm posting the card here online for all to see.
Getting my treats ready, cards, and special Valentines are so much fun. But I don't have many decorations to make my house festive. My sister told me about this blog where a darling girl is giving away beautiful heart garlands made out of book pages. I loved them! If you visit her blog you can enter for a chance to win them.
Stay tuned for my Valentine card and post all about love. Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, November 5, 2010


In the last month Anna has found her voice. 
Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it's not so good. She has learned how to tantrum and sadly get what she wants. She has learned to babble and mimic the tone of voice you talk to her in. And she has learned how to growl. I got a darling video of her the other night, it's fuzzy because the camera didn't focus but you will still get the idea.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Long or Short?

Alright, I need some help. My hair is currently driving me crazy! It's so frizzy and curly and it takes waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long to do it straight. I end up pulling my hair up by the afternoon to get it out of my face and Anna just pulls on it constantly. I am going to get a new smoothing treatment on my hair regardless of the length so that straightening will take little to no time :) The only problem is what length do I keep?

Long hair? 

Or short hair?

 I really don't know what to do. I think my short hair was cute and looked great, but when I look back through old pictures of my long hair I adore it! Ah what should a girl do? If all my faithful readers out there could help me out I would be so grateful! 

p.s. I can't wait to have my thin face and body back! I probably won't be there until April but I will get there.